About Us

Atlas Inspection Technologies headquarters, Seattle, WA

Since its inception in 2003, Atlas Inspection Technologies has been a leading provider of the most comprehensive remote visual inspection (RVI) solutions, including RVI equipment rentals, RVI equipment repairs, RVI equipment sales, and on-site inspection services, to petrochemical, power, oil, gas, mining, and manufacturing companies. Clients range in size from Fortune 500 companies to small-sized and micro-businesses. What makes us different from other providers in this space? Our unique combination of the world’s latest, highest-quality RVI equipment with our unsurpassed passion for customer service. Available 24×7, 365 days a year nationwide and only one phone call away, our certified, experienced technicians understand your specific application and can immediately recommend the right equipment and solution to address any situation, whether a scheduled outage or an unforeseen emergency.

Why select Atlas Inspection Technologies as your RVI solutions provider?

  • Fast response: Our highly qualified technical experts quickly arrive on site to advise you on the best RVI solution to meet your needs, minimize risks, reduce plant downtime, and maximize your productivity.
  • Expert recommendations: You can trust our team of rental advisors and knowledgeable technicians offering years of industry and field experience to optimize your facilities’ reliability.
  • Comprehensive, problem-solving solutions: With rentals, sales, repairs, and services, we provide the most comprehensive range of remote visual inspection (RVI) solutions in the country.
  • Best product quality: We offer the most reliable products from the world’s best equipment manufacturers that value quality and innovation, so we can guarantee the most successful outcome possible.
  • Nationwide coverage: We offer six U.S. field locations, including Seattle, WA (headquarters), Houston, TX (Operations Center), Phoenix, AZ, Atlanta, GA, Salt Lake City, UT, and Baton Rouge, LA (Operations Center).
  • Unparalleled service: Our passion for customer service means we deliver on time, every time and provide the best assistance possible, no matter your location or challenge.
  • Utmost safety: Our safety rating is second to none in the industry and the protection of your staff, equipment, and facilities is our #1 priority in the most hazardous industrial environments.