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Atlas Inspection Technologies offers remote visual inspection (RVI) solutions including on-site inspection services and equipment sales, rentals and repairs. Founded in 2003, Atlas Inspection Technologies started as an RVI equipment rental company but quickly grew as we discovered that we could offer something to our customers that no one else had: information. Our goal became to provide credible advice about the best way to approach an RVI challenge. Today, Atlas Inspection Technologies is structured around identifying our customers’ RVI needs and providing them with tailored solutions.

In 2006, Atlas Inspection Technologies launched our on-site RVI services program in conjunction with a stringent safety program. We offer rapid-response services including remote video, specialty electrical and positive material identification inspections. Our highly qualified technicians arrive on-site to advise you on the best RVI solution and execute RVI tasks to minimize risks, reduce plant downtime and maximize your productivity.

Our roots at Atlas Inspection Technologies give us a deep understanding of the products are the most reliable ones on the market. The equipment we use, sell and rent comes from top-tier manufacturers, including:

  • ARIES Industries
  • InsightVision
  • IT Concepts
  • LumaSense Technologies
  • Oxford Instruments
  • Pearpoint
  • Sidewinder
  • viZaar

Today, Atlas Inspections Technologies is an RVI industry leader, providing comprehensive RVI solutions. We offer RVI services and equipment to a range of industries including petrochemical, power, oil, gas, mining and manufacturing companies. For each and every customer, we strive to identify existing RVI challenges and devise the most effective strategy to help solve them.

Atlas Inspection Technologies offers nationwide coverage through our six field locations in the U.S:

Operations Centers

  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Houston, TX
  • Seattle, WA
  • Denver, CO

Sales Centers

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Dallas, TX

Contact Us

Headquarters & Operations Center
Atlas Inspection Technologies
500 Elliott Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119

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About Atlas Inspection Technologles

Atlas Inspection Technologies offers remote visual inspection (RVI) solutions including on-site inspection services and sales, rentals and repairs. Call 24x7 for repair, sale, and rental expertise at six locations nationwide. Atlas rents, sells, and repairs borescopes, pipe cameras, thermal cameras, infrared windows, infrared cameras, sewer cameras, inspection cameras, and XRF analyzer equipment. Atlas also offers on-site visual inspection services, including positive material identification and FOD retrieval.