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Corona Camera Rentals

Trust Atlas Inspection Technologies to rent you the right daylight corona camera from Ofil Systems to detect corona discharge and identify flashover potential before it happens. Corona cameras provide high-resolution imaging on NCIs, porcelain0 and glass insulators, conductors, substation hardware, and other utilities’ electrical assets. Use this technology on transmission lines, distribution lines, transformers, generators, and medium- and high-voltage switchgear to find problems that infrared inspection cannot see.


  • Can be used in full daylight
  • Ergonomically designed for extended field use, lightweight, and portable
  • Flash drive memory
  • 5″ reflective, color, folding, high-resolution, bright LCD monitor
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Long-life battery for continuous inspection
  • High-resolution still images and video for a more reliable process
  • Specialized lensing and zoom capabilities allow inspection of assets from near or far distances
  • Bi-spectral imaging accurately gives the exact location of UV event


  • Early, precise detection of UV emissions, including corona discharge or arcing, in power generation and distribution environments
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