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PMI Analyzers

Oxford X-MET PMI Analyzer

Oxford Instrument’s X-MET7500 and X-MET7000 handheld energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence analyzers perform positive material identification (PMI), quality control assurance, and trace element analysis quickly, accurately, and efficiently. These devices use “point-and-shoot” analysis to detect and grade over 400 alloys and offer high-speed averaging for easy batch evaluations. Thanks to high-resolution, intuitive touchscreen interfaces, the X-MET7500 and the X-Met7000 require minimal training.

Applications include:

  • Positive material identification (PMI)
  • Metal recycling and scrap sorting
  • Gold and precious metal identification
  • Mining processes
  • Environmental screening
  • Identification of lead and other hazardous materials in paint, toys, and consumer goods
  • RoHS/WEEE/ELV compliance screening
  • Treated wood recycling

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