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PMI Analyzer Rentals

Oxford Instruments’ X-MET7500 and X-MET7000 handheld energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzers provide ease-of-use, analytical results of unsurpassed accuracy, and the highest levels of confidence in even the most demanding applications. Positive material identification (PMI), quality control and assurance and trace element analysis can all be carried out in only a matter of seconds.


  • Robust and built to last
  • Small, light, and easy to use to maximize productivity
  • Operates for more than one full day on a single battery charge
  • Fast user interface
  • Rapid and accurate analysis
  • Flexible quality control and assurance tool for all segments of the metal industry


  • Positive material identification (PMI)
  • Metal recycling and scrap sorting
  • Gold and precious metals verification
  • Mining processes (ore exploration and on-site excavation control)
  • Environmental screening (heavy metals in soils)
  • Lead and other hazardous substances in paint, toys, and consumer goods
  • RoHS / WEEE / ELV compliance screening
  • Treated wood recycling
  • Drywall analysis (low-sulfur analysis)
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