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How to Stop a Problem From Becoming a Catastrophe

Written by Darren Billings on . Posted in Remote Video

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When a facility experiences a major breakdown, the repercussions can be awful: equipment may need extensive maintenance or total replacement, personnel may be at risk, and production may halt entirely. In such circumstances, a plant can immediately call remote inspection (RI) experts to help identify and thereby rectify the problem.

More often than not, plants can prevent these emergencies from happening in the first place. These plants are generally aware of potential problems and put such issues on the backburner, or try to fix the problems based on a limited knowledge of the situation when complete knowledge of the problem or system is possible through remote inspection.

Often, plant owners and operators do not know RI is available or even possible. RI not only discovers problems, but also brings to light the information you need to effectively address the issues.

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It is in your best interest to call in the professionals before things get out of hand. RI field inspectors locate, diagnose and fix your problems, often presenting more than one solution. RI experts can offer assistance by taking three steps: identifying goals, demonstrating theories, and offering recommendations.

  1. Identifying your ultimate goal: Often, clients explicitly state what they want, but their wants may not necessarily match what they need. Through open, two-way communication and strategic questioning, inspectors help clients identify robust goals that address all issues. This helps a client understand what they are facing, why they need to address the issue, and how they can solve their problem

  2. Demonstrate possible theories: While on the site, inspectors will use their knowledge of the systems they’re working with to employ the proper tools. Clients may have the manpower or expertise to conduct inspections themselves but inspectors are familiar with RI equipment. They can thoroughly and quickly identify and inspect potentially problematic areas.

  3. Offer condition-based recommendations: With specific knowledge of a plant’s systems and challenges, inspectors can offer solutions that are tailored to the unique situation. This allows plants to act before problems intensify. The end result is that your business will continue to run smoothly and not suffer the effects of catastrophic shutdowns.

Rather than ignoring problems in the hope that they might go away, your best bet is to enlist the help of an RI professional to detect and overcome problems before they grow into disasters.

Darren Billings

Darren Billings

As Founder, President & CEO of Atlas Inspection Technologies, Darren overseas the strategic direction of the company.
Darren Billings
Darren Billings

Darren Billings

As Founder, President & CEO of Atlas Inspection Technologies, Darren overseas the strategic direction of the company.

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