Remote Inspection Equipment Rental

Atlas Inspection Technologies provides all the remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment rentals you need, including borescope rental, pipe camera rental, sewer inspection camera rental, PMI gun and XRF analyzer rental for positive material identification, snake camera rental, sewer camera rental, infrared camera rental, and thermal camera rental from any of our six offices nationwide. We ship next- or same-day throughout North America. Contact us toll-free 24×7 at 1.800.281.0650.

Borescope Rental


Video borescope, rigid and flexible borescope, and fiberscope rentals are available in multiple outside diameters, lengths, and fields of view, with or without tip articulation.

Borescope RentalVideoscope RentalFiberscope Rental

Remote Pipe Inspection

ARIES pipe crawler

Our remote pipe inspection camera rentals include explosion-proof and standard pipe crawlers and pipe / push cameras that can negotiate bends and corners in pipes from 1” to 120” in diameter.

Pipe Crawler RentalPipe & Push Camera Rental

Infrared & Corona Cameras

Infrared camera rental

Our infrared camera rentals address mechanical, electrical, building, and gas detection. We offer corona camera rentals for the daytime UV-based inspection of electrical assets to identify precursors to flashover.

Infrared Camera RentalCorona Camera Rental

Combustion Imaging Cameras

Combustion imaging camera

Our combustion imaging camera rentals allow real-time imaging of boilers, furnaces, and kilns to identify slagging, tube leaks and temps, fire ball impingement, and refractory condition.

Boiler Inspection Camera RentalFurnace Inspection Camera Rental

PMI Analyzer Rental

PMI analyzer rental

Oxford Instruments PMI analyzer rentals are available for multiple positive material analysis applications, including soil, metal and alloy analysis, as well as scrap sorting.