Fiberscope Sales

Rely on Atlas Inspection Technologies’ experienced advisors to recommend the best fiberscope to purchase for your particular remote inspection application. Our flexible borescopes are manufactured with high-quality imaging fiber bundles providing excellent image brightness, color rendition, resolution, and ruggedness. Units offer a choice of outer braid material, either stainless steel or tungsten, providing the longest insertion tube life. Contact us toll-free 24×7 at 1.800.281.0650 and be immediately connected to one of our technicians at one of our six field locations nationwide who will help you determine the best equipment solution for your borescope application. Rental equipment is available for same-day pick-up or shipped next- or same-day throughout North America.

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  • Available in nearly every outside diameter (from 2.4mm/.094″ to 13mm/.512) and  length (up to 20′)
  • Two- or four-way distal tip articulation
  • Interchangeable tips in sizes from 5mm OD and up
  • Many optional accessories available, including light sources, batteries, and still image and video recording devices


  • Applications with diameters as small as 2mm OD
  • Remote viewing of locations containing corners, bends, and distances less than 10′
  • Simple inspections where no electronic documentation is needed, e.g. to inspect rotating equipment, tubes, pipes, engines, buildings, car and truck assemblies, and castings