Videoscope Sales

Atlas Inspection Technologies sells videoscopes for a variety of industrial remote video applications (from 4mm to 10mm OD and lengths up to 100’ with four-way articulation). Our experts are available to advise you on your videoscope and video borescope equipment options, including viZaar Industrial Imaging and IT Concepts’ flexible iSeries. These small-diameter optical devices enable users to visually inspect remote areas that would otherwise not be accessible without machine disassembly or destruction. Contact us toll-free 24×7 at 1.800.281.0650 and be immediately connected to one of our experienced advisors at one of our six field locations nationwide who will help you determine the best equipment solution for your borescope application. Rental equipment is available for same-day pick-up or shipped next- or same-day throughout North America.

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  • Portable, dependable, and rugged
  • Best image quality available in a flexible inspection scope
  • Distal tip articulation and interchangeable optical tip adapters to maximize image quality
  • Each system includes ahigh-resolution display, a high-intensity light source, a camera control unit (CCU), and a digital storage or videotape
  • Accessories available to assist in improving videoscope inspections, including cooling sleeves, rigidizers, centering devices extended use battery packs, and clamps


  • Gas & steam turbines
  • Boiler & furnace tubes
  • Exchangers & chillers
  • High-energy piping
  • Pressure vessels
  • Risers & provers
  • HVAC