Pipe Camera Sales / Push Camera Sales

Atlas Inspection Technologies is proud to offer a wide range of pipe camera and push camera options for sale – Pearpoint sewer camera equipment and Insight Vision sewer camera equipment, including intrinsically safe and explosion-proof models for hazardous environments. Call us toll-free 24×7 at 1.800.281.0650 and be immediately connected to one of our knowledgeable RVI advisors to discuss your specific application.

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  • Ideal for distances less than 400′ and openings greater than .750″ OD
  • Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof models
  • Extremely robust
  • Built-in recording capability


  • Process piping & tubes
  • Exchangers
  • Furnace & boiler tubes
  • Process drains
  • Sanitary sewers
  • Sulphur pits
  • Storm drains

Insight Vision Cameras

Insight Vision VuTek push camera

Insight Vision VuTek – Lightweight and portable, this self-leveling push camera boasts the best image clarity in the industry and brings outstanding ROI. The spiral wound push rod means less chance for damage requiring re-termination. The camera’s stainless steel camera body has a sapphire lens and eight high-intensity LEDs that give outstanding visibility in pipes of up to 12″. You can maneuver three-inch 90-degree turns and most 4″ traps.

Insight Vision Jet Cam inspection camera system
Insight Vision Digital Xpress Plus – This is a full-featured pipeline inspection camera system with memory card and USB thumb drive recording. This system also includes features such as an ethernet network connection, camera test ports, and the newest ClearVIEW camera heads.
Insight Vision Jet Cam inspection camera system

Insight Vision Jet Cam – Inspect 6″ to 15″ lines up to 600 ft. with this unique three-way interchangeable system.

Pearpoint Cameras

Pearpoint P330+ flexiprobe push camera

P330+ Flexiprobe Combining the fully featured P330+ flexiprobe controller with high-performance durable cameras, P330+ flexiprobe push camera systems are designed for a wide range of video inspections in specialist plant and municipal applications. At the heart of each system is the advanced P330+ flexiprobe controller which displays video footage in digital quality on a full-color VGA ultra-bright 8” (200mm) industrial TFT screen.

Pearpoint P374 Intrinsically Safe push camera
 P374TM & P374 IS – This push camera inspection system is suitable for inspecting pipes in highly explosive hazardous environments. It offers a 1″ color camera and 60m of pushrod to inspect pipes up to 4″ (100mm).
Pearpoint P571 EX push camera

P571 Ex Flexicoiler These explosion-proof, modular pushrod systems are fully integrated, stand-alone units ideal for sewer lines, water pipes, pest control, chimneys, search and rescue, drains, conduits, wells, and industrial inspections. They are available with P415 Mk2 auto-upright straight-view cameras or P455 twin-view cameras, coilers running 500 feet (150m) of rod, and built-in high-resolution footage counters, Sondes (8.125kHz), and QWERTY keyboards. They are waterproof up to 11 Bar (150 PSI) and offer video/in and video/out VCR connectors for the recording and playback of surveys.