Pipe Crawler Sales

Rugged pipe crawlers and transporters are available for sale as part of Atlas Inspection Technologies’ wide range of remote visual pipe inspection equipment from ARIES Industries, the best pipeline inspection and rehabilitation equipment manufacturer in North America. ARIES equipment includes pan-and-tilt and pan-tilt-and-zoom cameras, six-wheeled robotic crawlers for pipes from 6” to 120”, standard and pan-and-tilt push cameras, pipeline grouting systems, and lateral reinstatement cutters for relined pipe. Available systems include both portable and complete systems in customized chassis or trailers. Atlas Inspection Technologies is the authorized ARIES Industries distributor and repair center for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. Call us toll-free 24×7 at 1.800.281.0650 and be immediately connected to an RVI advisor at one our six field locations to discuss the specifics of your application or get repair assistance for your existing equipment.

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  • For 6”to 120” pipes
  • Steerable and non-steerable
  • Extremely robust and rugged
  • Both portable and complete systems in customized chassis or trailers
  • Accessories available to round out inspection processes, including software options
  • Lateral launch systems
  • Pan-and-tilt and direct-view push cameras systems


  • Process drainage
  • Sanitary sewers
  • Storm drains

ARIES Industries pipe crawlers & transporters

ARIES Industries Pathfinder Mini Transporter pipe crawler

Pathfinder Mini Transporter Are you wondering how to inspect relined six-inch pipes? The ARIES Pathfinder Mini Transporter, combined with a variety of cameras and built-in standard camera lift, will work in pipe sizes from five to 24″. Simple wheel changes allow for quick adaptation to multiple pipe sizes and integrated long-life LED auxiliary lights keep the profile low.

ARIES Industries Pathfinder XL pipe crawler

Pathfinder XL TransporterThe steerable Pathfinder XL is the most technologically advanced sewer inspection transporter available today. Providing remarkable pulling capability, this big brother to the ARIES Pathfinder is a workhorse in eight-inch diameter relined and larger pipe sizes. When assembled with ARIES revolutionary PE3400 pan-and-tilt camera, users enjoy unmatched productivity and inspection capability. The ARIES Pathfinder XL transporter features rugged stainless steel and brass construction, providing an ideal combination of weight and balance for efficient and effective pulling power. It is specially designed for use in sanitary sewer and storm drain applications and is capable of optimized inspection speeds depending upon pipe conditions. The Pathfinder XL has raised the performance bar in video inspection quality, versatility, and performance.

ARIES Industries Mini-Badger wheeled transporter

Mini-Badger Wheeled Transporter – Only 18″ long, the ARIES Mini Badger six-wheel-drive multi- or single-conductor camera transporter is an economical wheeled transporter to successfully navigate and inspect six-inch and larger diameter lines. Various line sizes are available along with a large line kit with 8” and / or 10″ pneumatic wheels for pipe sizes up to 48″.

ARIES Industries Badger six-wheeled transporter

Badger Six-Wheeled Transporter – This transporter features rugged stainless steel construction with a powerful proven transmission and DC continuous duty rated motor system. The transmission ARIES designed for the tractor is extremely heavy duty with significantly larger gears to take ongoing operation in adverse conditions and provides forward, neutral, and reverse gearing. The robust power package can drive the transporter through the pipe at speeds of over 75 feet per minute. The six-wheel drive design enables the transporter to negotiate obstacles in eight-inch and larger diameter pipes. Various tire shapes and sizes are available to ensure adequate ground clearance in any pipe conditions. The rugged, stainless-steel construction is a compact 21″ design, for those tough to get into inverts. The Badger operates with multi- and single-conductor systems.

ARIES Industries Mini Taurus TR2120 tracked crawler

Mini Taurus TR2120 Tracked Crawler The ARIES Mini Taurus TR2120 tracked crawler is designed for inspecting pipelines from six to 30″ in diameter and able to inspect six-inch clay, concrete PVC pipes with major offsets, meandering conditions, and protruding laterals. Dual-track drive provides 50% more wall contact area than wheeled crawlers. This greater contact area ensures maximum traction under most inspection conditions. Weighted pipe extenders assure maximum traction and debris clearance in lines from eight- to 24-inch diameter. A manual camera lift is available to optically center the camera in 30″ to 36″ lines. The stand-alone length of the transporter is 19.5″. The combined length of the transporter and pan-and-tilt camera assembly does not exceed 26″ with the camera in the home position. This allows the inspection and traversing of six-inch-diameter offset, meandering, or relined pipes. It also facilitates entry into short inverts.

ARIES Industries Taurus TR2000 pipe crawler

Taurus TR2000 Crawler – The ARIES Taurus TR2000 is a fast, strong, sturdy, and responsive platform that meets the expectations of the highest critics. Municipalities and contractors rely daily on this crawler to operate successfully through hard-to-inspect pipelines. The unmatched reliability of the Taurus TR2000 enhances productivity and reduces downtime. The tractor is designed in an all- stainless-steel construction that will not rust or degrade, and the waterproof motor and transmission with hermetically sealed electrical connection provide for a completely maintenance-free drive system. The self-cleaning, agricultural-type sprockets prevent chain binding. Coated carbon steel chains add strength and minimize chain stretch. The Taurus TR2000 operates from any multi-conductor truck-mounted or portable TV system.

ARIES Industries Titan steerable storm tractor

Titan Steerable Storm Tractor The Titan steerable large line transporter is another innovative ARIES product for the pipeline televising industry. It is a large- pipe, all-wheel drive inspection camera carrier to inspect pipes from 21″ to 200″ or box culverts up to 12′x12′. The Titan is specifically designed to meet the toughest of operating conditions encountered in large pipe and storm drain inspections. It allows entry into manholes as small as 19″ in diameter. The large all-terrain 19″ diameter tires let the Titan drive over, around, and through almost any condition found in the pipe. The Titan’s most outstanding features are the remote steering capabilities with 360-degree turning radius and the dual one-quarter horsepower continuous duty motors. Four-wheel drive and independent control enable it to negotiate the most difficult terrain. These features make Titan the most versatile large-line tractor in the industry.