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Pipe Inspection Services

Atlas Inspection Technologies provides superior pipe and tube inspection capabilities, combining the best equipment for pipes from ½” to 120” in diameter, extremely experienced technicians, fast high-quality reporting, as well as an excellent safety record.

We have many years of experience with process, sewer, and storm drains, process pipes, high energy pipes, boiler and furnace tubes, as well as many other types of pipes and tubes. On larger projects, our approach to pipe inspection helps our clients achieve process, sewer, and storm drainage reliability by using our inspection data to prioritize and determine where to maintain and repair.

We use our unique approach, innovative equipment, and extensive experience to serve the petrochemical processing industry. We have helped many companies in this sector inspect reactors, converters, cat crackers, and other pressure vessels quickly, safely, and accurately, providing them with knowledge of their equipment during turnarounds and outages to prioritize and schedule maintenance most effectively.

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About Atlas Inspection Technologles

Atlas Inspection Technologies offers remote visual inspection (RVI) solutions including on-site inspection services and sales, rentals and repairs. Call 24x7 for repair, sale, and rental expertise at six locations nationwide. Atlas rents, sells, and repairs borescopes, pipe cameras, thermal cameras, infrared windows, infrared cameras, sewer cameras, inspection cameras, and XRF analyzer equipment. Atlas also offers on-site visual inspection services, including positive material identification and FOD retrieval.

Our Values

We deliver unparalleled reliability, safety & environmental control. We provide critical information and solutions to clients in petroleum refining, pipeline, power generation and more.  We value

  • Our Customers Best Interests and Goals
  • Direct and Respectful Communication
  • Truth, Integrity and Professionalism in all Actions
  • Collaboration and Active Participation with all Clients, Suppliers and Employees