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Our Work is a Promise—Not a Job

There’s a big difference between doing a job and fulfilling a promise.

It comes down to looking you in the eye. Shaking your hand. Making a commitment to look out for your interests, every step of the way.

In our line of work, this is an imperative. A non-negotiable. It has to be. There are too many unpredictable risks with potentially catastrophic outcomes to engage in any other way.

One thing we know for sure? When your work is your word, your customers know it—and safety is secured. When you work with Atlas, we turn talk into action and keep it real. We invite you to get to know our point of view. Discover how we address the “The Top Issues” inspection managers like you ask us about most frequently.



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Safety & Reliability Matter 

Ensuring that your safety and reliability goals are met is the cornerstone of our business success. Learn about the unique Method & Approach we use and how it can help you build a Cycle of Safety when you work with Atlas.

We invite you to get to know us better. See how we address The Most Common Inspection Issues we hear most often.


We Value

  • The safety of the people, communities, facilities and environments we serve
  • Our customer’s best interests and goals
  • Direct and respectful communication
  • Truth, integrity, and professionalism in all actions

We Believe In

  • Partnership: collaboration and active participation with all clients, suppliers, and employees
  • Integrity: delivering what is promised, when it is promised
  • Accountability: financial, physical, environmental, and relationships
  • Leadership: inspiring people producing unprecedented results
  • Performance: producing outcomes that exceed and surpass what is expected
  • Innovation: bringing new technology, processes, and ideas to fulfill our VISION
  • Communication: complete communication and extraordinary listening
  • Vitality: bringing passion and aliveness to all that we do