Atlas Inspection Technologies Resumes Operations

Since 2003, Atlas Inspection Technologies, Inc. has helped clients in the petroleum, pipeline, and power generation industries maintain safety and uptime through innovative Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) solutions. By providing Rentals, Foreign Object Retrievals (FOD) and inspection services, as well as equipment sales, and repairs, we have helped ensure the reliability of numerous plants, the wellbeing of countless employees and the communities they operate in.

In June of 2018, after attempts to reorganize financially, Atlas suspended operations. Negotiations were entered into with Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA), an industry leader in inspection radiography and field NDT services, which acquired the Atlas RVI business in order to expand its own offerings to the oil & gas and power generation industries.

I am happy to announce that Atlas is now fully operational once again. This time, we have the complete financial and operational support of IIA, with over 30 years of expertise and a reputation for quality products, timely evaluations, unmatched technical and safety training, and exemplary customer service. This makes IIA the ideal partner to help us continue our mission of protecting people, communities, facilities and the environment through world-class inspection, analysis, and retrieval services.

Moving forward, Atlas will concentrate on our core business of advanced RVI services for energy clients including borescope, pipe camera, pipe line crawlers, pan tilt and zoom cameras.  Our newly focused offering is to make this capability available through rentals and field services.  Our Field services include RVI inspection and retrieval in both standard and hazardous environments, RVI rental, and RVI repair.

There is one industry issue where I predict Atlas’s expertise and wide equipment range will be increasingly brought to bear: the risk of sinkholes developing around plants and pipelines. There are several risk factors for sink holes, and one of the primary ones is water ex-filtration. Even small leaks in a plant waste pipe, for example, can speed up the creation of underground voids, threatening the stability of assets and stressing piping systems.

To understand what can be done to ameliorate risk, we can look to municipalities, where sink holes have been an issue for decades. Many already use closed circuit TV and other remote video inspection technologies to detect problems in sewer infrastructure. However, the chemical and energy industries have not been as proactive in maintaining their underground pipes, and this portends difficult times ahead unless something changes.

What the industry needs is:

1.     an initiative to establish on-going, routine underground pipe inspections in all plants to detect and stop leaking pipe and catch basins.

2.     revised inspection and maintenance protocols for pipelines in sinkhole-prone areas. Even subtle shifts in geography can potentially stress existing lines and cause a breach.

Atlas Inspection Technologies provides high resolution video imagery (RVI) to observe, identify and document the internal condition of pipes and equipment inaccessible in any other way, and stands ready to help reduce risk due to sinkholes and other damage mechanisms. The need for predictive maintenance is only going to increase as land continues to shift. Our wide array of borescopes/videoscopes, pipe and push cameras, pipe crawlers and other imaging tools, in conjunction with a well-designed inspection roadmap, ensures our customers are clear on the best actions to take for the safety of their people, plant, and community.

Watch this space as we make further announcements in the coming weeks.

Atlas Inspection