Borescope & Videoscopes

Borescope & Videoscopes



If you’re conducting your own onsite inspections at your plant, look no further than Atlas Inspection Technologies’ wide range of remote inspection (RI) equipment. We offer all the same RI tools our experts use when carrying out inspections, including remote video solutions (borescopes, videoscopes, pipe crawlers, and pipe and push cameras); material analysis equipment (the Silverwing line, including the Handscan, FloorMap 3D, PipeScan, and the RMS corrosion mapping system); and infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) systems (IR cameras, corona cameras, combustion imaging cameras, and IR windows).

Our experts can assist you in selecting the equipment that meets your specific needs, and we offer same-day pickup and same- or next-day shipping on all products for our North American customers.


For those who only need temporary access to remote inspection (RI) equipment, Atlas Inspection Technologies can rent you the tools you need when you need them. Atlas rents borescopes, remote pipe cameras and pipe crawlers, infrared and corona cameras, combustion imaging cameras, and material analysis equipment. All rentals are eligible for same- or next-day shipping throughout North America.

Let the experts at Atlas help you choose the right equipment when you need it.


When your remote inspection (RI) equipment is in need of repairs, Atlas Inspection Technologies has you covered. Atlas is an authorized repair center for ARIES Industries, InsightVision, and Oxford Instruments equipment, and our expert technicians have access to a comprehensive inventory of replacement parts.

Atlas technicians can service:

  • Borescopes/Videoscopes/Fiberscopes
  • Remote Pipe Inspection Cameras
  • IR Cameras
  • Combustion Imaging Cameras
  • Material Analysis Equipment

At Atlas, we’ll quickly and efficiently evaluate your equipment, perform the proper repairs, and return your equipment, all at a price you can afford.

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