Hand-Held LIBS Analyzers

Hand-Held LIBS Analyzers


The mPulse, the first hand-held Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Analyzer, is the fastest alloy sorter on the market. It is about 5x faster than hand-held XRF instruments and it makes measurements in just one second no matter what the alloy type is.

The mPulse scrap metal analyzer has been designed for the rapid identification and sorting of heavy alloys including Stainless Steels, Ni, Cu, Co, Ti alloys and others. It allows users to identify scrap or recycled metal and determine its value quickly, simply, and reliably to minimize time and maximize profits.

If you are looking for an ultra-fast way to sort aluminum alloys, the mPulse+ is also available. Similar to the mPulse, it is faster than the speed of an XRF Analyzer by 10x, making it the fastest aluminum sorter on the market. Not only can it identify stainless steel alloys, it can also identify aluminum and magnesium alloys, separating even the closest grades of aluminum in just one second.

Top benefits include:

  • Measure elements and provide grade identification, chemistry, or Pass /Fail in just one second
  • Test diverse samples such as shavings, cables, turnings, granules etc.
  • Battery powered for true hand-held use
  • Perform up to 250 tests on a single charge
  • No X-rays (avoids the regulations associated with X-ray analyzers)
  • Intuitive icon-driven user interface
  • Large, color touchscreen (4.3″)
  • Results save automatically to the USB

Additional features

  • Comes with a lightweight rechargeable battery pack and two batteries
  • Mini USB memory stick provided
  • Touchscreen can be used wearing gloves
  • Results can be configured to be displayed in a many different formats, including the approximate analysis, alloy identification, or Pass/Fail
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