Vacuum Boxes

Vacuum Boxes


For detecting leakage from tank-bottom plate welds and shell-to-bottom plate welds, Silverwing offers a line of vacuum boxes in various sizes, including 400 mm, 600 mm, and the newest 750 mm model. Silverwing vacuum boxes come in both electric vacuum pump- and compressor-driven models, as well as dual models capable of running on either option. Instead of using vacuum gauges, Silverwing’s vacuum boxes use calibrated vacuum relief valves, which mitigates the risk of both damage to equipment and injury to operators.

Silverwing offers high-pressure vacuum box models for in-service tanks as well as low-pressure models recommended for new build tanks. Vacuum boxes are also available in specific tank-bottom or shell-to-bottom weld inspection varieties.

Silverwing’s latest vacuum box, the V750, notably carries a few new features. It is the longest of the vacuum box models at 750 mm, allowing for maximum productivity, and it has an optional integrated LED for maintaining light levels during inspections. The V750 also boasts a two-stage seal design, which improves the initial vacuum.

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