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Remote Video Inspection Services

RVI Services

Standard and Hazardous Environment Rated

With access/pipe size from 1/5”– 120” we provide high resolution video imagery (RVI) is used to observe, identify and document the internal condition of equipment and systems. When needed, Atlas provides hazardous environment-rated equipment to provide you with an inside view into places that would otherwise be in accessible.  This inside perspective helps to save you time and money and is an excellent complement to ongoing predictive maintenance programs, emergent work and foreign object retrieval (FOD).

Atlas delivers more: Through our Engineering division, we provide custom inspection plans that offer inspectors a highly complete roadmap. We work with clients to assure that every damage mechanism is identified, understood, and installed into a technology and frequency model. With the delivery of clear, actionable timely reports clients are equipped to make smart, timely and strategic equipment decisions.

Work with the advisors at Atlas to determine the right equipment for those critical, hard to reach areas.


pipe Inspection services

Atlas Inspection provides superior pipe and tube inspection capabilities, combining the best equipment for pipes from ½” to 120” in diameter, extremely experienced technicians, fast high-quality reporting, as well as an excellent safety record.

We have many years of experience with process, sewer, and storm drains, process pipes, high energy pipes, boiler and furnace tubes, as well as many other types of pipes and tubes. On larger projects, our approach to pipe inspection helps our clients achieve process, sewer, and storm drainage reliability by using our inspection data to prioritize and determine where to maintain and repair.

We use our unique approach, innovative equipment, and extensive experience to serve the petrochemical processing industry. We have helped many companies in this sector inspect reactors, converters, cat crackers, and other pressure vessels quickly, safely, and accurately, providing them with knowledge of their equipment during turnarounds and outages to prioritize and schedule maintenance most effectively.

Process Equipment Inspection services

Atlas Inspection offers the right remote visual inspection equipment tool selection (standard and explosion-proof) and the most experienced team of technicians nationwide to solve your most complex challenges. Time and time again, our staff and equipment have proven themselves superior in gas, power, petrochemical, and manufacturing environments.

We mobilize our highly experienced field inspection teams with borescopes, pipe cameras, pan-and-tilt cameras, crawlers, and whatever other equipment needed.

You can use our service to:

  • Eliminate confined space entry

  • Retrieve foreign objects

  • Remote visually inspect otherwise unreachable areas

  • Assess critical equipment rapidly without delays and scaffolding costs

Applications include:

  • Converters

  • Cat crackers

  • Exchanger tubes

  • Fin fan tubes

  • Boiler and furnace tubes

  • Stacks

  • Towers

  • Turbines

  • Reformers

  • Pressure vessels

  • Process sewers

  • Catch basins

  • Oily water sewers

  • Sanitary sewers

  • Storm and fire water drains

FOD Retrieval Services

The presence of foreign object debris (FOD) in rotating equipment, tube sheets, transformers, pipes, and other industrial equipment can shut down your operation, delay maintenance, and prevent equipment restart. You can count on Atlas Inspections’ fast-response FOD retrieval service teams to mobilize immediately, efficiently scan, locate, and remove tools, debris, and other unwanted foreign objects utilizing expertise, remote visual equipment, and specialized tools (snares, magnets, grabbers, etc.) We use the best remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment in the world, employ the most professional technicians, and offer one of the highest safety records in the industry.

  • Tubes

  • Tube sheets

  • Exchangers

  • Pressure vessels

  • Transformers

  • Gas turbines

  • Gear boxes

  • Steam turbines

  • Pipe

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