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This is a No-BS Zone


This industry demands that you carry a lot on your shoulders. The burden is big because the risks are enormous. In this environment, safety for your people, your plant and the community around it must come first.

That’s why the company you choose to help ensure safety should be real.

This is the “Atlas Difference”: When we share your risks, we honor it at our core by earning your trust, respect and business at every step. Ensuring your safety—and success is #1. Learn more About Atlas.


The Safety & Engineering Connection


Searching for the gaps that will trigger disaster?


Why not identify the highest risks and consequences of failure, and build an efficient, budget-controlled action plan to solve your most important issues?

When inspections aren’t coupled with proactive engineering insights, resources are exhausted in the wrong areas—and safety remains at risk.

Whether you need complete Engineering and Inspection Services or have immediate Buy-Rent-Repair needs, discover how working with Atlas will change the status quo and put you in control of safety and reliability.


Not all safety services are executed equally.  Learn more about the Atlas difference:

Engineering and API Services: Complete services including Risk (RBI), Consequence and Damage Mechanism Assessment, Probability of Detection Studies, Fitness for Service, Replication, Failure Analysis and API Services

NDE: Historically Challenging Damage Mechanism Inspection Procedures with High Effectiveness and Proven Probability of Detection (POD).  

Advanced, Traditional, with Tube Cleaning, by the industry’s most professional inspectors

RVI: Remote Visual Imaging and Inspections with the expertise to do it right the first time

IR: Infrared cameras for real-time temperature measurements and imaging

PMI: Grade alloys and safely determine exact chemical compositions

Expert advice with 24/7 emergency services and equipment availability when you need it. Same day pick in multiple locations or shipping across North America and Canada.

Buy: The same inspection equipment and tools our experts use, including Remote Video, Material Analysis Equipment and IR and UV systems

Rent: Offering a world-class selection of equipment to conduct your own onsite inspections. Expert help with a complete selection of advanced NDE equipment, borescopes, remote pipe cameras and crawlers, infrared and corona cameras and PMI equipment

Repair: Offering a world-class selection of equipment to conduct your own onsite inspections, including complete RVI solution, Material Analysis solutions and IR and UV solutions

Explore the fully-vetted Equipment Atlas offers and the Manufacturers we work with.


Status Quo is Not Good Enough


It is estimated that equipment failure (alone) costs the U.S. refining industry over $4 billion per year.*

This is unacceptable to us—and to the petrochemical, pipeline, power and offshore managers we partner with.

See how taking the right actions now, will make big safety differences later. It’s a new method, called the “Cycle of Safety”.


*Source: Industry research referenced in 8/23/2016 Hazardex article

Just the Facts


We don’t believe that you should take anything at face value. When you work with Atlas, we turn talk into action by keeping it real. We focus on understanding you—and anticipating your issues.

Get to know our POV. See how we address The Most Common Inspection Issues we hear most often.

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