Eddy Current – Surface

Eddy Current – Surface


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We have the latest and best Eddy Current and Array equipment in the industry. Our technicians are up-to-date with the latest Eddy Array gear to give the most accurate test result. We obtain a high level of accuracy and sensitivity to surface-breaking defects and sub-surface defects depending on the surface probe selection. ECA and ET technology is used as an alternative to other surface inspection technologies in industries like the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry, the power generation and nuclear industries, aerospace industry, and heavy equipment and mining industries.

Eddy current array is the natural extension of Eddy Current Testing. ECA are built of arrays of coils that emit in a sequence intended to eliminate interference between them. The array scans on top of surfaces, displaying an overall wider coverage and better sensitivity to defects than regular surface eddy current. ECA technology is able to detect surface-breaking defects and, to some extent, subsurface defects. We offer several ECA probes that can match more “exotic” geometries, which enable single-pass scanning of certain test equipment that traditionally pose serious challenges to other inspection technologies. ECAs are successfully supplementing ultrasonic testing (UT) and phased-array UT due to the “dead zone” near the surface, making it difficult for them to detect near-surface defects. Surface applications of ECA technology are numerous, ranging from weld inspection on pressure vessels and pipes, to corrosion mapping between wing longerons and skin, by way of dovetail inspection in turbines.

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