FOD Retrieval Services

FOD Retrieval Services


The presence of foreign object debris (FOD) in rotating equipment, tube sheets, transformers, pipes, and other industrial equipment can shut down your operation, delay maintenance, and prevent equipment restart. You can count on Atlas Inspections’ fast-response FOD retrieval service teams to mobilize immediately, efficiently scan, locate, and remove tools, debris, and other unwanted foreign objects utilizing expertise, remote visual equipment, and specialized tools (snares, magnets, grabbers, etc.) We use the best remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment in the world, employ the most professional technicians, and offer one of the highest safety records in the industry.


  • Transformers

  • Gas turbines

  • Gear boxes

  • Steam turbines

  • Pipe

  • Tubes

  • Tube sheets

  • Exchangers

  • Pressure vessels

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