Furnace/Heater/Broiler Inspection Services

Furnace/Heater/Broiler Inspection Services


With one of the highest safety records in the industry, rely on Atlas Inspections’ field service teams to carry out your broiler inspections and furnace inspections quickly, safely, and efficiently. Our expert technicians are very well versed in using thermal imaging cameras from the world’s best equipment manufacturers, including LumaSense Technologies, and can identify slagging, tube leaks and temperatures, flame impingement, and refractory condition.

Utilizing visible and infrared equipment with borescope lensing, we can image your broiler or furnace by inserting the lens directly into it to provide wide, clear views in real time and allow operators to monitor broiler and furnace tubes for fouling, temperature, leaks and slag deposits, inspect burners, and monitor conditions inside. This allows coal-fired broiler and furnace operators to:

  • Capture lost broiler capacity by reducing unnecessary cleaning

  • Find tube problems by identifying leaks and high/low temperature locations

  • Lower maintenance costs by optimizing washers and reducing damage from large deposits

  • Increase efficiency by better managing deposits (slag) and fouling

  • Manage fuel switching strategies by accurately measuring fouling as fuel changes

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