Handheld PMI Analyzers

Handheld PMI Analyzers


The X-MET8000 is Oxford Instruments’ latest and most powerful release in its line of handheld energy dispersed X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzers. It is the tool of choice for Product Materials Identification (PMI) and is perfectly suited for elemental analysis in production environments, manufacturing plants, and scrap metals processing.

The X-MET8000 builds off the success of the X-MET7000 series and sports an optimal combination of high performance X-ray tubes with a large-area silicon-drift detector (SDD) that delivers accurate alloy identification in the most challenging of environments. Additional benefits include:

  • Over 1600 alloys come pre-installed in the AISI DIN, JIS, and GB grade libraries
  • Up to 100,000 results stored (including spectra and sample image), shared over Wifi, and printed via Bluetooth
  • A quick-swap analysis window and optional shield that are easy to change if broken or dirty
  • An intuitive, icon-based screen that is easy to use and requires almost no user training
  • A customizable results screen for faster decision-making
  • An IP54 rating (equivalent to NEMA3) for superior performance in tough environments and protection against dust and water damage
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Start-up takes only seconds
  • Lightweight (1.5kg)

The X-MET8000 puts instant, non-destructive materials analysis at your fingertips. Inspectors in a range of industries will find it a crucial tool to maintain maximal operations and worker safety. The X-MET8000 has been engineered to be lightweight yet tough and delivers laboratory performance and high reliability, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Additional features

  • The lowest limits of detection for accurate grade separation (e.g. 303-304, 6061-6063)
  • Superior light elements (Mg to S) analysis for fast and accurate analysis of alloys, including aluminium, titanium, bronze, and other high temperature alloys
  • Optimized nose design allows for improved reach of tight corners and analysis of welds
  • Large, easy-to-select icons, even with gloves on
  • LCD touchscreen ensures optimal viewing, even in direct sunlight
  • High-impact resistant housing with environmental sealing
  • Rubber bumpers protect analyzer screen, sides, and battery
  • Large heat sink for optimum robustness and stability, even in hot environments

    Used in these Industries

    • Petrochemical
    • Metal recycling and scrap sorting
    • Gold and precious metals verification
    • Ore exploration and on-site excavation control
    • Environmental screening for heavy metals in soils
    • Quality testing for lead in paint, toys, and consumer goods
    • RoHS / WEEE / ELV compliance screening
    • Treated wood recycling
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