Phased Array

Phased Array


With the industry need for more accurate and precise flaw detection, necessary in performing engineering evaluations, flaw assessments, fitness for service evaluations, and structural member evaluations, Phased Array technology is able to detect anomalies and size more proficiently as compared to conventional techniques such as Radiography and Manual UT flaw detection. Phased Array presents accurate and efficient results when time constraints are often witnessed in the Oil and Gas, Chemical, Power, Paper, Pipeline, Construction, Aerospace, Marine, and Food industries.

Phased Array allows for quicker examination, providing a more accurate and precise inspection result than its RT and manual UT counterparts, while also providing a safe working environment as compared to radiography, which uses radiation to produce results.

Advantages in Utilizing Phased Array Techniques:

  • Accuracy in detecting and sizing defects
  • Tangible results on display and deliverable to client
  • Safety of all personnel on-site when utilized in lieu of Radiography
  • Examinations can be performed in a fraction of the time
  • Eliminates work stoppage of site personnel associated with radiation boundaries
  • Ability to use multiple elements to steer and scan beams with a single transducer
  • Provides the inspector to either use manual or automated scans
  • Certified Rope Access Crews can be used for out of reach areas
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