PMI Analysis Services

PMI Analysis Services


Atlas Inspection Technologies provides positive material identification (PMI) inspection services enabling you to grade alloys and determine exact chemical compositions quickly and safely. Call us toll-free 24×7 at 1.800.281.0650 or request a quote and an expert Atlas advisor will recommend the best product for your specific needs. We mobilize our field inspection teams and equipment from any of our six field locations throughout North America to address scheduled and emergency inspections. We use the best PMI and remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment in the world and offer one of the highest safety records in the industry. Our PMI inspection service team is staffed with experienced technicians with a strong reputation in the industry for providing the fast, accurate, and well-documented PMI analysis manufacturing, power, oil, and gas companies need in such application areas as receiving quality assurance, welding, and documenting existing equipment among others.


  • Ensure the use of specified materials by alloy Identification
  • Ensure the highest possible quality of material via determining the exact chemical composition
  • Detailed report documenting findings
  • Quick mobilization


  • Quality assurance of received materials
  • Quality assurance of finished manufactured parts
  • Material verification in welding
  • Documentation of existing equipment composition
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