Thermography Courses

Thermography Courses


In addition to Electrical and PdM Inspection Services, we also offer two 32-hour certification courses in thermography.

Level I Thermography Course

The Level I Thermography Course trains industry personnel in the qualitative aspects of thermal imaging in predictive maintenance. This course focuses on the theory and concepts that underly infrared imaging, delving into topics such as: the science of heat transfer, guidelines for equipment operation, the proper analysis of thermal imaging reports, and the proper applications for thermal imaging in a variety of fields (electrical, mechanical, medical, building envelopes, process).

Level II Thermography Course

The Level II Thermography Course focuses on quantitative aspects of thermal imaging in predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, and quality assurance. The course explores topics such as: temperature measurement, advanced infrared theory and equipment operation, proper equipment calibration, causes of and solutions to potential measurement errors, cross-verification with contact thermometers, use of windows and filters, assigning temperature limits and repair priorities, and quantitative report generation.

Both courses combine classroom training, lab-based instruction, and hands-on infrared camera experience to fully prepare trainees to practically apply their new knowledge in the field.

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