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Engineering & Inspection Services


If you disagree, you might be talking to the wrong company.

Let’s be clear. Atlas provides a complete suite of Engineering & Inspection Services. But we deliver far more than the industry-standard inspection services you may be used to.  This unique Method & Approach is part our secret sauce.

In addition to standalone engineering services, Atlas integrates an engineering focus into its NDE, RVI, IR, and PMI inspection services. This added perspective builds a Cycle of Safety across operations that helps you improve safety by putting the right people and process into the equation.

With the Atlas team, method & approach informing your decisions, you are prepared to address every challenge that arises and ensure the peak performance of your assets. The result? Together we create a true partnership built on ensuring safety, productivity and profit.


Inspection Engineering Keeps Things Running



A full array of engineering, advanced and traditional methods plus industrial tube cleaning



Every remote video tool for applications from rotating equipment to underground pipeline and the expertise to use it safely and deliver knowledge not information. Hazardous and standard environment rated



Comprehensive real-time temperature measuring and imaging of equipment, process and electrical systems



Complete material identification services including carbon and other light element analysis backed by one the highest Industry safety records

Engineering Services Leverage Safety, Reliability

For those who demand a non-negotiable level of insight to ensure safety and reliability, Atlas offers a full suite of engineering services. Designed to leverage your inspection efforts, these services add a critical layer of knowledge, insight and awareness to enable highly proactive and informed decisions.

Services include in depth Inspection Planning to detail the level of PoD, Actionable Reporting intelligently organized into a prioritized plan, as needed Engineering Analysis to ensure critical safety, a Metallurgical Lab to identify system material life, Reliability Engineering to improve useful life, and PoD Studies to uncover flaws related to fitness-for-service.

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